"I view faith and God's call as an integral part of my own life's long and difficult journey..."

Ava De Guzman founded Bridge of Hope - World, a non-profit organization bringing hope to the hopeless and helpless impoverished women and orphans worldwide.

She is the Founder and International Coordinator of WINGS-Philippines and WINGS-California. WINGS stands for Women's International Network Giving Support, a program of Bridge of Hope-World in an effort to carry out the mission of Bridge of Hope-World in providing skill training and support by grooming future female leaders and business women to thrive financially, emotionally, and spiritually.

In hopes to help create more jobs in the Philippines and exemplify philanthropy, Ava De Guzman co-founded a start-up Information Technology Company in early 2016 with a mission to bring Silicon Valley to the Philippines.

Prior to Bridge of Hope-World, she founded two long-term health care agencies in Northern California USA for over twenty years serving the aging population community.

For several years, she served as President for a variety of Professional Women Business Associations in her hometown, and is actively involved in numerous Women Network Business Organizations worldwide.

During her cancer battle in the later part of 2016, she became a Published Author of an inspirational book called "100 Voices of Inspiration, Awakening and Empowerment" that instantly became "#1 International Best-Selling".

Her greatest achievement comes from being a single mother for over a decade raising two wonderful daughters. She prays that one day her own daughters will respond to God's calling, touch many lives, make a difference in the world, and bring salvation message to the lost.

"I view faith and God's call as an integral part of my own life's long and difficult journey as a survivor of abuse and neglect as a teen, a homeless single mother turned businesswoman, a motivational coach, speaker and author, a Church volunteer and Philanthropist, and an advocate for underprivileged and abused women and children worldwide." ~Ava De Guzman