Ambassador Application

Leadership Opportunity

Volunteer Chapter Ambassador

WINGS offers an opportunity to any like-minded women entrepreneurs and professionals interested in exercising leadership quality that shares WINGS Vision and supports its purpose. The chosen Ambassador will lead a Local or Power Chapter whose influence will depend, in part, on how good she is at representing the organization to others. The Ambassador will work closely with WINGS Coordinator to implement the Vision, Mission, and Development Plan of WINGS for business growth and connections, while exercising philanthropic effort for charitable causes of Bridge of Hope – World. Specific characteristics and duties of a successful Ambassador include:

  • Enjoys working with people and is well-connected.
  • Demonstrates creativity, is self-motivated, and takes initiative.
  • Observes core values of service, commitment, dedication, and integrity.
  • Attracts and recruits new members for the growth and success of Chapter and WINGS organization as a whole.
  • Builds positive relationships with the members of the Chapter.
  • Acquires resources includinge event fundings as necessary for the advancement and benefits of the Chapter and its members.
  • Protects the Chapter from unnecessary interference or constraints.
  • Promotes WINGS effectively while observing high standards of business and personal ethics including professional etiquette practices.
  • Brings professional and inspiring communication and leadership skills to the Chapter.
  • Leads and facilitates Chapter’s monthly meetings at a designated meeting place.
  • Coordinates with WINGS Coordinator on a monthly basis.
  • Provide meeting minutes or recorded live video, event proposals, group reports, updates, and new member applications to WINGS Coordinator.

Volunteer Ambassador Benefits

  • Waived fees for all WINGS events and expos including sponsorship opportunities.
  • Builds goodwill that will enhance volunteer Ambassador’s credibility in the business world and community for adding value to the Chapter and refining leadership and other new-found skills.
  • WINGS to recognize local Ambassador for her service, commitment, dedication, integrity, and success stories that serve as inspiration for other members and aspiring entrepreneurs.


Volunteer Ambassador Application