Face-to-face Connections

Benefit from face-to-face connections for building strong foundation and trusted business relationships that could lead to financial prosperity. Opportunity to connect and reconnect with other women in the community that are either facing the same challenges or celebrating success in their chosen profession or business.


High-level of Connection Opportunities

Receive more leads, potential clients, effective referral exchange, power partners- both local and international, business tips and ideas, and leverage each member’s contacts, skills, and resources.


Regular Monthly Meetings

Attend and enjoy a Local Chapter meeting once a month that is respectful of members’ time. A regular meeting place is pre-arranged and established for the consistency and stability of the Local Chapter. It is also a place to hear dynamic speakers and gain new business contacts.


Structured Program

Enables members to develop long-term and meaningful business relationships and friendship with successful women in business and profession. The structure solidifies the network and allows members to be more mindful and respectful of each other’s time.


Industry Exclusive

Benefit from being an exclusive member in a business industry or professional category per Local Chapter. Only one member can represent a specific industry category within a Local Chapter and three of the same industry for a Power Chapter. For example: One mortgage broker, one real estate agent, one banker, etc.


Special Guest Appearance

Opportunities for members to attend other WINGS Local or Power Chapters as a special guest.


21st Century Media Outlets

Benefit from 21st Century website link and contact information being listed on WINGS website and other online social media outlets. Optional free listing on WINGS website giving members more internet exposure.


Educational Forum

Improve and develop public speaking skills through WINGS educational forum that touches on issues and concerns for all women in business or profession.


Social Skills Enhancement

Sharpen leadership qualities and enhance social skills from highly experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.


Exclusive Member-to-Member Discounts

Offer and receive exclusive member discounts from other WINGS members as an effective new tool to promote business.


Business and Charitable Fundraising Events

Members receive priority invitation and access to attend WINGS quarterly networking and fundraising events at special discounted member rate.


Priority Sponsorship

Members receive priority sponsorship and vendor opportunities to WINGS networking and fundraising events that will highlight and feature their business for more exposure and better promotion.


Business Credibility and Exposure

Add credibility to the member’s business and an opportunity to increase their exposure, not only in a local area, but throughout the world.


Dynamic Speakers

Hear dynamic and inspiring speakers who touch on issues and concerns for all women in business or profession including women of faith while interacting with other attendees and gaining new business contacts.



WINGS organization provides an outstanding award recognition to the outstanding entrepreneurs or professionals and Ambassadors that demonstrate and maintain high standard of qualities that can contribute to the overall success of WINGS organization and its members:

  • Professionalism
  • Credibility
  • Leadership
  • Mentorship
  • Innovative
  • Relationship Builder


Volunteer Opportunities

Members have the opportunities to enjoy and build lifelong relationships through participation in one or more WINGS Local and International Chapters in an effort to practice philanthropic activities that will ultimately lead to the betterment of the communities they serve.

MEMBER Responsibilities

  • Members are expected to attend WINGS monthly meeting (every first Wednesday of the month for an hour per Meeting Guidelines) and participate in scheduled special Business Events and Outreach Programs conducted 1-4 times a year.
  • Membership dues are waived for screened and approved Members willing to commit to WINGS’ Social Responsibility that entails active involvement in WINGS’ philanthropic efforts and charitable giving by volunteering their time including making charitable donations of any amount to Bridge of Hope-World, if able, or as WINGS deemed necessary, in an effort to carry out its philanthropic purposes of “Female Professionals Helping Women and Children in Need Worldwide”.

Per Local Chapter is allowed a maximum of 20 members, and 50 per Power Chapter, unless the group feels it can accommodate more members.


New Members

  • Exclusive to one business industry or professional category per Local Chapter and three for Power Chapter.
  • Referral exchange and network to all members within the Chapter.
  • Offer exclusive or specific discounts to other members as a tool to promote business.
  • Attend a monthly meeting to receive all members benefits available and offered by WINGS.
  • Sign in for optional Member Presentation for business promotion and public speaking enhancement.
  • Sign up to become the next Educational Moment Speaker, if desired.
  • Receive mentorship from other established and successful members of any WINGS Local Chapters.
  • Reconnect with other members outside the meeting session that is conducive and mindful of members’ time.
  • Receive member credits and incentives by inviting new guests to meetings and events or by successfully referring new members.
  • Participate in Business Events and Outreach Programs conducted several times a year.
  • Help carry out WINGS mission through active involvement in Charitable causes offered by Bridge of Hope-World through WINGS.


  • Guests are welcome to join and sit in at any Chapter meetings for up to two consecutive months with no membership responsibilities or obligations.
  • Must inform WINGS Coordinator or Chapter Ambassador of decision to join WINGS after the second meeting.

Meeting Attendance

  • WINGS monthly meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month, at 11:30am to 1:00pm at an established and mutually agreed upon location. Other locations determined by the group.
  • If a member chooses to leave the group, she is required to contact WINGS Coordinator or Chapter Ambassador, informing her of that decision immediately to open up the vacant industry to a new member.

Luncheon Meeting

The luncheon meeting is a structured monthly gathering of all members and guests to solidify the Chapter and enables members to develop trusted business relationship and friendship. The meeting session runs for one hour or sixty (60) minutes and a thirty (30)-minute networking opportunity before meeting officially begins. The meeting is coordinated by a Local WINGS Coordinator and facilitated by a Local Chapter Ambassador who are mindful of members’ time.


Meeting Agenda

11:30am – 12:00pm    Network and Welcome Visitors

12:00pm – 12:15pm    Meeting Promptly Begins. Read Vision and Mission Statement. 30-Second Members Intro. Pass Around Business Cards.

— Your Intro (30-second elevator pitch)

— What Makes a Good Referral for You

12:15pm – 12:30pm    Member Presentation

12:30pm – 12:45pm    2nd Member Presentation or Guest Speaker Educational Moment

12:45pm –    1:00pm    Membership Info for Guests, Inspirational & Success Stories, Referral Exchange, Announcements


  • “Coffee Connect” or coffee meeting is encouraged and an optional gathering of a small group of members, at a mutually agreed upon time and location, to talk and get to know each other better and potentially become “power partners”.
  • Ideal size of the meeting is two-three members. Using a count-off method ensures that everyone has an opportunity to meet in this small group setting with other members.
  • Members are to treat a “Coffee Connect” as a commitment and notify the other members involved if it becomes necessary to cancel or reschedule.



  • Recommendations are those referrals in which the referring person contacts the decision maker and tells them about the referred business.
  • Referrals are accompanied by the name of the decision-maker and the referring person gives permission to use her name.
  • Leads are suggestions for “cold-calls”. They acquaint us with an individual or company that may use our products or services.


A power partner is someone who works in the same marketplace as you, but is not a competitor. For example, a beauty consultant and someone selling women’s apparel work with the same target market, but do not provide the same service or product. They can work together and provide each other with referrals.


Local Chapters are smaller groups within a bigger group such as Power Chapters that share WINGS’ vision, mission, and its purpose within a specified geographical district or territory. A Local Chapter is facilitated by a “Volunteer Chapter Ambassador” to report regularly to WINGS Local Coordinator.

  • A local Chapter allows its members to make valuable connections with peers, share knowledge, and discover new opportunities in their business and profession.
  • A local Chapter provides an opportunity for its members to grow their business in a more nurturing environment within their local networking arena.
  • Offer convenience of location within the members’ surrounding district or territory.
  • Purpose of a local Chapter is to accommodate the needs of every member in a more intimate circle in the community they serve.
  • Local Chapters open up more opportunities for aspiring members to be exclusive of their chosen industry or professional category.


ETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES and philanthropic purpose

Integrity is the cornerstone of the way WINGS organization does business. A business built on integrity creates bonds of trust that lead to strong and enduring relationships with other entrepreneurs and professionals to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties and responsibilities. They must practice fair dealing, honesty and integrity in every aspect of dealing with others. When acting on behalf of WINGS organization, women professionals shall not take unfair advantage through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or other unfair-dealing practices. WINGS members are exptected to support WINGS philanthropic purposes and causes through giving of time and charitable donations to Bridge of Hope-World.