Success Stories


“Congratulations for all the successes in your mission of helping the needy in all ages 
most specially the unfortunate women and children. You have inspired us, our Board of Directors and many others to move on to support one another. The speakers during the WINGS Launching were very inspiring with their very touching testimony about their challenging experiences in life and how they succeeded. You did an excellent job and very touching testimony. Again, and again, thank you for all your prayers and for connecting Abiertas to supportive people and with big hearts. Our prayers for you for more success in helping the needy.”
 ~Dr. Divina Ramirez, Abiertas House of Friendship
“What a wonderful event and a special organization! It was truly an honor to be a part of the successful launch of WINGS. I’ve attended many women’s networking events. This is by far the most heartfelt experience I’ve ever had. It’s fueled by such a noble cause and a wonderfully talented group of women.”
~Elaine Leung, Software Engineer and Entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, California
“I really enjoyed the event and meeting interesting people and possible new friends. Congratulations to you and your group for a successful event, again, thank you for making me a part of your celebration.”
~ Janet Belarmino, One of the first women to traverse Mt. Everest
“It was a pleasure to meet you and hear about WINGS. It is heartwarming to know of you’re interest in KBF, in particular Nazareth Home. I have been a volunteer for the past 21 years and a year ago was invited to be a member of the Board of Trustees, assigned to oversee Nazareth Home. Again, thank you very much on behalf of KBF. Many thanks and regards.
~JoAnn Larrazabal, KBF Board of Trustee
“Thank you very much for your donations that will focus on livelihood assistance so that the single mothers will have income while they are in the center, and yet, they can use it for their transportation going home as well for their personal needs. Again, thank you and God bless.”
~Cecille DelaCruz, KBF Head Social Worker
“Thank you very much for donating to us again. Your support will definitely make  a huge and meaningful difference in the lives of the children we are caring for. “
~ Charlie Anne Espiritu, Virlanie Foundation Campaign Officer
WINGS- a Business Support Group in the Philippines by Women for Women! There’s not a lot of women’s support groups regarding business and entrepreneurship. Or at least they’re not as visible. Yes, there are ones that are modeled for the general public but they don’t get the nuances of being a woman entreprenuer and may lack the appropriate mentorship, nudge, and training some women need. That’s the number one goal of WINGS- to meet like-minded women entrepreneurs and create a positive dynamic team within a nurturing group of professionals for personal growth, business benefits… and more!
~ CJ, a Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger in Manila
“Because of WINGS, I was able to jumpstart my mission. They gave me the chance to share my advocacy. Right away, members have approached me and changed their mindset from being spenders to savers, learned the importance of financial education and how to be a good steward of the riches that God has entrusted us. It is my job to teach and do my mission, and WINGS has been an instrumental part of this fold in my life. WINGS has become my platform to be able to share my advocay which is to “Fight against poverty through financial education.” Thank you WINGS! You are such a wonderful blessing to many! God bless you big time!”
~ Cherry Rose C. Syjongian, a single mother and widow, WINGS Quezon City Chapter Member and Co-Ambassador, Church So Blessed Volunteer, Financial Literacy Advocate @ International Marketing Group- Truly Rich Maker Team (Email: